BETA: running on Rinkeby Testnet

Series 2 - Drum Machine

A proof of concept example of on-chain programmable media. The code model is a generative drum machine. Users can mint tokens, and then later interact with the contract to update input parameters, changing the output media. At present it's pretty stripped down and a clunky UI, not to mention gas fees, but scratches the surface of some very exciting future possibilities.

On-chain models aren't just for permanency. It allows the art to be non-static, changing in some defined way in response to any imaginable input, including: user interaction, or other token interaction, events, time etc.

30/100 have been minted. Purchase

Token Id: 26
Owner: 0xd334c2A8
Token Id: 27
Owner: 0xD6dd6961
Token Id: 28
Owner: 0xd334c2A8
Token Id: 29
Owner: 0xd334c2A8
Token Id: 30
Owner: 0xDf5B0E38
Token Id: 31
Owner: 0x34a32Ad4
Token Id: 32
Owner: 0x4283C051
Token Id: 33
Owner: 0xd334c2A8
Token Id: 34
Owner: 0x28A751D2
Token Id: 35
Owner: 0x28A751D2
Token Id: 38
Owner: 0x9FeCf056
Token Id: 49
Owner: 0x57d248AD
Token Id: 50
Owner: 0x7C23C1b7
Token Id: 58
Owner: 0x5f298bd4
Token Id: 70
Owner: 0xe2863031
Token Id: 75
Owner: 0x5f298bd4
Token Id: 78
Owner: 0x75863C5d
Token Id: 80
Owner: 0x481f9A56
Token Id: 82
Owner: 0x481f9A56
Token Id: 83
Owner: 0x481f9A56
Token Id: 84
Owner: 0x17100d0a
Token Id: 86
Owner: 0x481f9A56
Token Id: 87
Owner: 0xe7bA0Da7
Token Id: 89
Owner: 0x61315007
Token Id: 101
Owner: 0xFB6223EA
Token Id: 102
Owner: 0xFB6223EA
Token Id: 104
Owner: 0x85b6AC2d
Token Id: 108
Owner: 0x85b6AC2d
Token Id: 109
Owner: 0x85b6AC2d
Token Id: 115
Owner: 0x19FfA65c